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Ever wanted to learn a chef’s secret? Need help figuring out what to do with those 37 packs of hoarded pasta? Want to learn how to cook the perfect steak? Never achieved lump-free mash potato?

Well now you have virtual access to two chefs for 30 minutes to ask them the questions that will help you right now.

Cooking guidance, meal suggestions, technique queries, tool advice…

Birch chefs, Ben and Daryl, will be able to assist you and guide you through the information you need. Not only are they uber-experienced, creative and practical, they are top blokes who will help you out [and no doubt have a laugh or two] and assist you in any way possible to up-skill, inform, guide or even help you meal plan.

Sessions will be undertaken virtually, so we encourage to have your question list ready [tip… email these through before your session and you might even snag a demo].

When: times and dates are outlined on the booking site
$50 per session 
Bookings: please visit The Fold Live to book your session

[… Birch will send you a Zoom meeting link once booked so reliable internet access recommended to best enjoy this session]