As one of the newest culinary highlights of the Southern Highlands, Birch offers a dining experience stamped with innovation and packed full of personality. The best of seasonal produce takes centre stage, delivered by a polished and personable team who relish the opportunity to share their fare.

Owned and managed by Glenn and Renée Wallace, a dynamic duo whose combined management experience – as well as Renee’s service, hospitality, marketing, design, promotion and branding experience – drives them to lead their team to create and deliver a dining experience filled with personality and quality.

“Don’t be misled by the fact we’re in a small, regional town,” says Wallace. “The execution is up to the standard of a capital city and we have a small but experienced team to thank for that. Every member of the team contributes – a reflection of how we all respect each other, the food and the guest’s experience. The Southern Highlands has long been a brilliant destination for foodies and we hope Birch will be an additional reason for people to spend time in the region.”

Ben Bamford joined Birch in 2018 as Head Chef and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. Equally as knowledgeable and talented, Daryl Laver joined the crew shortly after Ben. Both are driven by passion, diligence and attention to detail, creating a menu that is reflective of the seasons, highlights local produce and above all puts the most emphasis on food that tastes exceptional.

[From left: Glenn Wallace, Ben Bamford, Renee Wallace and Darly Laver. Photo credit: © Abbie Melle 2019]

A new and specialised consultive service has been established – Birch Consulting. It is aimed at assisting start-up cafes and restaurants to develop their menu, operational processes and design – to get off the ground or reinvigorate existing hospitality businesses. 

Using a collaborative approach, Ben (Head Chef) and Renée (Owner) bring their extensive industry experience, spanning more than 20 years each, to all aspects of of menu development, design services and implementation of operational processes.

They personally work with every client to understand their business objectives, assess site facilities and staff experience, current and potential operational requirements, identify competitors and establish points of difference that enables them to design and develop menus, associated products and processes suited to each clients requirements, budgets, and most importantly, aligned with their objectives. 

This can include, but is not limited to:
    kitchen staff training
    menu planning
    costing of products
    efficient ordering
    supplier recommendations
    marketing and branding
    graphic design services
    social media strategy
    layout/flow of the cafe vs efficiency

Birch Conculting services their local Southern Highlands area, throughout NSW and Australia as well as international locations.

For more infromation on how Birch Consulting could assist your hospitality business please email